Is raging brachyios weapon set is really that good?

2022.01.18 23:24 SakuraEx321 Is raging brachyios weapon set is really that good?

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2022.01.18 23:24 Lilp00per [Xbox] [H] 44k and 45500 [W] Unc/exo blk diecis

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2022.01.18 23:24 momke42069 Idk what's up with my cats

My cats hav and this issue were when you pet the base of their tail they freak out and they have never done this does anyone know what it is
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2022.01.18 23:24 BigHotJuicyAssBoy LF Shiny Modest Feebas with oblivious will trade a shiny Dialga

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2022.01.18 23:24 Destroytheson Log into Facebook

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2022.01.18 23:24 YTLinkerBot Starlink Mission

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2022.01.18 23:24 harmonicaboi101 Over 7 Hours Of Indie/Alt Rock Magic -- Featuring Independent Artists, And Updated Bi-Weekly🤘

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2022.01.18 23:24 McYeet_10 Trading! Pet Ages on the second slide!

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2022.01.18 23:23 YTLinkerBot FORTNITE 2021 MUSICAL BLOCKS

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2022.01.18 23:23 hufflepuff_firefly IU’s song thoughts

I have no clue if this is popular or unpopular so posting here to see what everyone else thinks!
Should put it out there before I start, IU is a good singer and knows the pros and cons of her voice. Her high pitched songs are difficult for other singers yet she does the difficult stuff with ease. I also enjoy her RnB style.
But I just find her music kind of… monotone? It’s nice to listen in a coffee shop or when studying, but like I want some dynamics? (I think that’s the word), with forte and pianissimo stuff. Kind of like Mamamoo’s music, you have the quiet beginnings to build up into the louder and stronger bridges. Same with like Itzy, G-Idle etc, there’s some sort of building up to the bridge/killing part.
Again I am rusty with music theory, haven’t touched it in forever. Would appreciate any thought on this.
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2022.01.18 23:23 Paintguin Which countries have never had a dictator?

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2022.01.18 23:23 ToastBurglar Broken

In the process. Barely able to put one foot in front of the other. Tell me it gets better. No words can describe the pain. I know the marriage is over. How can you move on. How do you ever love or trust again?
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2022.01.18 23:23 hnhhhhhnmerp Boost for Boost please!

Can boost back now.
Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
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2022.01.18 23:23 santifont ¿Por qué Microsoft ha comprado Activision Blizzard?

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2022.01.18 23:23 sasstricksfedora covid positive

Just tested positive for covid, i’m at a regional campus. I honestly don’t know what to do or where to find information on where to go from here.
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2022.01.18 23:23 Ok-Level5942 Libertarians when instead of getting a perfect tax free utopia of freedom they get child slavery and corpocracy

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2022.01.18 23:23 Lt_Dickballs [FNV] Is there a video that explains how to install mods that makes it easy to understand?

I’m not proud of it, but I literally know nothing about computers. I want to instal New Vegas Tick Fix to fix the constant micro stuttering, but I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t know how to access the game files, or what I’m supposed to do once I have accessed them. Do I need to download Other programs? Basically I need a video that a 70 year old could follow. Could anyone point me in the right direction?
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2022.01.18 23:23 YEET_M3EMR What gun do you want to return from heist s1?

What gun do you want to return?
View Poll
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2022.01.18 23:23 QualityRemarkable246 What should suck my dick

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2022.01.18 23:23 Sexhmm31 Beautiful

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2022.01.18 23:23 Italian_Guy48 Outdoors

This summer I planned on growing my 3 strains: strawberry nuggets, samsquanch OG and sweet n' sour. Wanted to know if you had any tips for me first time doing autos outdoors.
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2022.01.18 23:23 Sweet_Recipe_7627 Staffing agencies - are they worth it?

I'm having a hard time finding an entry level job into marketing because I don't have any professional or intern experience. I only have my degree and my only flex is getting honors. Right now, I'm a receptionist. I'm nervous to do any freelance work as I've never done marketing on a professional level. I've been applying for marketing assistant jobs, gotten some interviews, but it always falls through due to me not having enough experience. I tried looking at internships but most would conflict with my job and I can't afford to quit and do an internship.
I'm wondering if staffing agencies are worth it for someone in my position. Have any of you used them and had a positive experience? Or any feedback in general would be nice.
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2022.01.18 23:23 Illustrious_Camel_24 Figuring out if I should detransition

Hi all, I'm going to just get right to it. I'm FtM, American, and 19. I have identified as male since 2017, got on T in 2018 and had top surgery by the end of that year, no other procedures. Recently I made a switch from injection to a topical gel, and suddenly started thinking that this whole thing was a mistake. As I got used to my new medication I was still thinking this, so I know it wasn't just pushback to change. I thought about my transition and gender a lot, and came to the conclusion I wouldn't mind being a woman, but I still don't mind being percieved as male. I finally realized that I can dress and act how I like and be female, of course now 4 years too late. I have been wondering if my entire transition was started to conform with the people I associated myself with online, but to contrast that I also wonder if me questioning myself was started to conform with the people I associate myself with now. I think the best thing I can do right now is to "come out" to some people and see if I really am okay with this, but the issue is almost no one knows I'm transgender, and the people who do are hours away. My next appointment with my therapist is in a week but I feel a sense of urgency to speak about this since I've had this bottled up for a month. And just to note, my therapist is not a gender therapist so I know they will support me and hopefully help me through this, although I feel I wasn't challenged enough when I came out initially. So, as the title would suggest, I am conflicted. Comments from both men and women are appriciated since we are all part of the same struggle. Thanks all who took the time to read my big block of text -- and thanks to everyone in this sub in general, I'm glad to see a community of such understanding and sympathetic people. and... Hope this all makes sense.
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2022.01.18 23:23 Devaughn11 Everyone When Eula Trailer/Teaser first came out

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2022.01.18 23:23 PolarDepress [PS4] Madden of Fame filling Sim League - 25/32 Teams - Season 1, Week 16

**Welcome to Madden of Fame!**

Experienced Sim league looking to fill for longevity and for community building.

* 48 hour advances
* Established Sim League Rules
* Realistic Football
* Long-term League
* Experienced Commissioners
* 7 minute Quarters
* All-Madden
* Simulation Mode
* Trade Voting Approval

Season 1 - Week 15

Available teams:

Football Team
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