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Unpopular Opinion: The Writing in the Nezuko vs Daki Fight was very Contrived.

2022.01.18 22:11 ElfenniQuaro Unpopular Opinion: The Writing in the Nezuko vs Daki Fight was very Contrived.

Just a heads up this is a bit of a rant/criticism. No offense to any fans or author. I like KNY a lot, but there are parts of the series that are very difficult to ignore as a fan.
The Entertainment Arc was pretty enjoyable up until the Nezuko vs Daki fight because the writing just took a nosedive. It was the worst fight in the arc. It was underwhelming, contrived, it was not built up at all, and it was just frustrating to watch/read. It wasn't a fight, really. It was more of a curbstomp because Nezuko needed a badass scene.
It just felt so unnecessary considering how absent Nezuko was in this arc. I actually forgot about her completely. She seriously felt out of place in this arc.
Nezuko just gets a Mary Sue powerup with no build up or foreshadowing whatsoever that she even had this ability, and just curbstomps Daki, an skillful Upper Moon with 113 years of combat experiences and a ridiculous set of useful powers that she could easily use strategically and effectively, had she not been flailing around like a chicken with its head cut off.
I know I’m supposed to be in awe of Nezuko’s brutality and OP powers, but I was just annoyed. There was no substance or depth or creativity to this fight, it was just a...fight.
It just consisted of Nezuko just using brute strength as always and Daki being helpless. I was honestly more focused on Daki’s incompetency than Nezuko the whole time. Daki is literally turned into a joke within seconds. I’m not saying Daki is the strongest of the Upper Moons, but she is definitely far stronger and experienced than Nezuko without a doubt.
The whole time I was seriously thinking of so many ways that Daki could realistically turn the fight over into her favor: Be strategic. Restrain Nezuko with your Obi to prevent her kicking you and absorb her like you did that other woman. Distract her with your sentiment obi so you can get away and think of a strategy. When Nezuko’s foot is pinning you down, summon up your brother to not only catch Nezuko off guard, but to have Gyutaro attack her for you so you can get away. Slice her up before the blood gets on you and fly away so you can attack her in her blind spot. Take Tanjiro hostage so Nezuko could hesitate to strike Daki. Slice her limbs and push them away as soon as they fall off so she can reattach them. Use your obi Elfen Lied style and just pulverize Nezuko so she'll take longer to regenerate. Hit Nezuko so hard that she flies into another building so you can buy time to heal up and summon up your brother and you both jump Nezuko together. Or at least have him open up that third eye so you can analyze Nezuko's agility better. Just anything other than flailing around like a chicken.
You see what I mean? It is unrealistic for Nezuko to dominate Daki. Daki has TOO many powers to be overpowered so easily. Too many powers that could give her so many advantages over Nezuko. It's how you use your powers that could turn the battle. It shouldn't have been a one-sided curbstomp at all. Even before Daki set ablaze, there were so many things that Daki could have done to just completely destroy Nezuko. But all the sudden she becomes incompetent and easily startled and it feels so contrived.
I couldn't take the fight seriously because Nezuko's powerup didn't feel earned. It felt too contrived and sudden to be impactful. Nezuko just sleeps so she literally does nothing. She sleeps to conserve energy and that's how she gets stronger. A very odd writing choice because sleeping is not a form of training. Sleeping literally means you lie down and close your eyes. The easiest thing you can do without even trying. You're not lifting a finger. The writing for Nezuko is so contrived, it's impossible to take any of her actions in the story seriously. She is the special demon because she is. Nezuko just has powerful abilities because she is. Nezuko is a Mary Sue.
The whole fight was just a waste in a narrative sense. Waste of story progression and a wasted opportunity of character growth on Nezuko's character. This entire part where she goes berserker and OP doesn't change Nezuko at all. She goes crazy just for this one time and that's it. This is not a turning point. There are no consequences. No impact. No lessons to be learned. Nothing.
Everything is just peachy at the end. Nezuko is just fine after this.
Daki got done so dirty it was just frustrating to watch.
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2022.01.18 22:11 NFS_ICEMAN sacspud

I was bored so I plugged in the old PS3 and loaded up Black Ops 2. Scrolling through my friends list, and I'm looking for sacspud/LeCupcake_. We played CoD ALL the time with a group of my IRL friends, and never spoke because they didn't have a mic. Last online 2016. Figured why not post!
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2022.01.18 22:11 Frosty_Television342 My eye were opened to the idea of masking and it feels like a lot things are answered by realizing I’m potentially autistic

Hi y’all, I’m really feeling in a weird space because I was very recently informed of the concept of masking and it’s really making me wonder if I’m potentially autistic. There were times I wondered, but I just never looked hard into it and explained everything away as anything else. My partner introduced me to the concept of masking and gotta say a lot of the symptoms are really frickin close to how I behave normally. I don’t have much to follow this up with honestly. Just a lot to think about and I don’t know what to do now with this info. Prior to this I was going to seek therapy, and I feel like this is something I should mention but I also feel kinda stupid going in and saying I think I might have this with no like proof?? Not sure how to approach it in office honestly. Just so interesting how much shit feels like it makes sense with that in mind, I honestly thought I was just kinda weird in my habits without reason
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2022.01.18 22:11 le_pedal Entire activity took place between 250 and 400 feet above sea level

But Strava thinks it needs to plot the elevation with a y-axis range of 0 to 1200 feet. Profile looks like a flat line, thanks guys.
Why do they always do this? Seems like something a summer co-op could resolve.
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2022.01.18 22:11 miketunes Can you set a default output device?

Can I set a homepod mini to always output music to a Roku Express over airplay2? Or do I always have to say on roku? Would a siri shortcut help?
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2022.01.18 22:11 TarotReaderFrog the Corpus Hermeticum (Freke & Gandy translation): a beginner friendly group reading & discussion. Complete YouTube Series

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2022.01.18 22:10 YouSeeMeHereAndThere True sadness is that we will never be able to live long enough to see the 69th president of the US

Smile through the pain
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2022.01.18 22:10 nerdyviking88 No matter what I do, I still can't play EAC3 audio without crashes

So, I'm at my wits end here.
I've been using plex for 6ish years now. Started with bare metal install on Linux, went to docker, and was happy until the last 3 weeks. Any file I try with EAC3 audio in it, it will crash. It may be 10 min in, it may be 3, it may be 30 seconds, doesn't matter. It crashes.
I've tried setting the inotify settings in my linux hosts, no change. I've deleted the contents of the Codecs folder, no dice. I've tried with it in docker, I've tried it on a VM. I've tried it on bare metal, with and without hardware pass through. Nothing changes.
I've tried with Roku players, fire sticks, web player, and one guy remote on a windows laptop through both Chrome and the windows app.
I've been testing with a copy of Resident Alien, which I can play in VLC for days. Without fail, at 3 minutes 28 seconds it will crash. I
I'm at my wits end here. Any suggestions?
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2022.01.18 22:10 swaggydakky Completely diy. Did all the prep, paint, widebody, headlight fab, soft top, motor repairs. All coming together well 🙌🏻

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2022.01.18 22:10 Reasonable_Ad589 Twins?

Do you think they could already know it’s twins? Jordan hinted no less than 3 times that it could be twins in her new video, which seems like a sus amount of times to bring it up.
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