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Male.... if I am not mistaken.....

2021.11.28 11:48 understanded Male.... if I am not mistaken.....

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2021.11.28 11:48 Intelligent_Choice39 Pain threshold

Does anybody else notice that their pain threshold changes when manic or depressed ?
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2021.11.28 11:48 AmericanUser7888 Why youtube why? I live in the United States and only know a little bit of Spanish, but that doesn't mean I speak it fluently?

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2021.11.28 11:48 RandomVGCGuy Teambuilding struggles

I am a very good team builder yet... The one thing I struggle is getting ideas for the core of a team but if I do get an idea, I can definitely make a solid team around the core but again, I struggle on making the core. So I thought to do a poll for the 3 most upvoted cores and nothing simple like lapdog or venudon.
If you like me to do more of this let me know, I'd love to do this more.
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2021.11.28 11:48 Slisper My own edit to the 9.2 warrior and paladin tier sets

Thought I'd share my own edit of the 9.2 warrior and paladin sets. The idea here is to show how big of a difference the face showing can affect a set. Doesn't help that human males look sort of cursed either lol hope you enjoy
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2021.11.28 11:48 wallpapersdance For a big purchase like a laptop, how do you decide whether to use your 1.5% cashback credit card or use yotta debit card?

I guess you could send the money to a friend by venmo (and get yotta cards from that) and then they buy it and get credit card rewards but not sure its worth the hassle/delay? Or does Yotta do things to stop this?
But I guess the biggest bonus you could get is signing up for a new credit card (unrelated to Yotta) and then using the laptop to help meet minimum spend requirement to get bonus?
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2021.11.28 11:48 SpecialistCook69 Long Post. Haven't Gamed for A While, Looking to get back into Video Games. Based on what I'm looking for, is the Nintendo Switch Right for Me?

Hello all.
My first post here. I don't currently own a gaming console, but I'm thinking of getting one. For reference I'm 27 M, and I'm looking for something casual gaming wise. Something aimed at in-person multiplayer, split screen, co-op (not a gamer, so don't really know the right terminology) friendly console. Mostly to play with my partner (24 F, also not a gamer), if we have friends over, or something of the sort. We live in a cold weather location, so looking for indoor activities to enagage in during winter.
The last consoles I really enjoyed were the Nintendo 64, PS1 and PS2 like about 15-20 years back. I did have a PS3, and PS4 but I played it sparingly as I feel most of it was geared to single player games (which I'm not really a fan of) or like with VC and stuff it just wasn't the same experience I had growing up. I thought maybe I might've out grown video games or something. But, my friend had an emulator on his computer and we were playing old school classic PS1 games and I was having so much fun, like I kind of want to get back into video games, even if it's just casually. Some of the games I really liked growing up were:

I've been doing some research on the current gaming systems and personally I feel a Nintendo Switch is more geared to what I'm looking for but I'm unsure. It's a bit of a purchase money-wise, so I kind of want to get something I'll enjoy. However I'm a but unsure and just looking for advice on what console current gamers would think is best for a millennial guy trying to get back into gaming. That's pretty much the background on me, now my questions are:
  1. What gaming console should I get?
  2. What would be the best games for my interests and from what I've liked in past games if you are familiar with them? Not really looking for sports league (NBA, FIFA, NFL) oriented or wrestling games, even though I've enjoyed them in the past. If they are arcade type and sports centric, like NBA street, that's fine.
  3. Best current in player co-op, multiplayer games? Best games for couples, and double dates
  4. Would it make sense to get a console now, for example a Switch. Or should I wait for the next gen, because I believe the Switch has been out for a little while now. I do know that the PS5 and Xbox Series X are new and difficult to get ahold of due to shortages.
I kind of feel like my style of gaming, or my preference has kind of been phased out by the industry. However I also haven't been in the loop for sometime, so maybe I'm just not looking at the right type of games. Any and all advice tips welcome and appreciated
Thank You, Happy Holidays and Much Love to all :)
TL:DR- 27 year old guy, haven't gamed for a while. Most enjoyed consoles were the N64, PS1, PS2. Looking for in-person multiplayer compatible, console with a good selection of games. Would prefer games and consoles that are couple friendly and can be played with similar aged friends when they are over, in-person. Is the Switch the right console for me? Would it make sense to buy one now, or should I wait for next gen. console?
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2021.11.28 11:48 EddLai Little Troll's big challenge!

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2021.11.28 11:48 RoryMcilroyyy Help me find a house designing game

Hi guys,
I really want to find a video game (for pc) for house designing. I would love the idea of building my dream house and just being able to visually see it for fun. Does a game like this exist?
Something like Minecraft creative mode (including the part where you don’t have to do any work to get the items you want to decorate with), except more detailed graphics like how house designing is in say animal crossing.
⚠️important: I want a game without progress, I just want to be able to select from a creative menu⚠️
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2021.11.28 11:48 No_Sun1426 Do you know a place where I can get live BB&O data for under $2k a month. I need the best bid volume in queue, best bid price, best ask price, and best ask volume in queue data. I need a live feed from each exchange. Does this exist, or do I need to pay for a Co-Lo server.

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2021.11.28 11:48 -vvl What color are my eyes?

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2021.11.28 11:48 PBIS01 She’s a beaut, Clark

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2021.11.28 11:48 EB_Baby Joyce Muniz - Flashes On The Floor

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2021.11.28 11:48 LivingLie123 The fear

So I broke up almost 1.5 months back and I have started talking to new people but I have this contact fear of being ghosted and just a weird fear idk of what. Just makes me really sad and obviously when I think how my ex treated the fear that things would again go down the same road. What should I do ?
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2021.11.28 11:48 New_Knowledge7041 Help. i unplugged everything from my pc and plugged back and after that my cpu usage has been veery low. Like in warframe its only 20% and in fh4 too. What can i do to it?

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2021.11.28 11:48 abjinternational [100% off]Adobe Live Basics

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2021.11.28 11:48 ContentForager2 made a python program that helps you read really fast (/r/Python)

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2021.11.28 11:48 Someone1348 What's special about expensive inks?

Hi, I've been using fountain pens for as long as I can remember, usually Watermans with Waterman ink. Last year I received a very beautiful Cross pen with a bottle of Caran d'Ache cosmic black ink, and I accidentally spilled most of the ink yesterday :( I was looking to buy some more, but it costs around £28/30€, while Waterman black ink is more like 6€. I use the Waterman ink on my other pens and I can't really tell the difference. What makes Caran d'Ache or other fancy inks so special?
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2021.11.28 11:48 BrightestForest How Runescape Music Was Created

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2021.11.28 11:48 CasualArtist23 My drawing of Goku (Dragonball Z)

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2021.11.28 11:48 rentheten Glad my first big clue reward was this

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2021.11.28 11:48 penlowe Decoy scissors people, DECOY SCISSORS! A guide on avoiding drama.

Ive been sewing since I was a little kid, I'm married 22 years, and I have two young adult children. I have never once had the drama of retrieving my sewing scissors from any of them, nor any of the many children who filtered through our house in all the summers of crafting play dates, Girl Scout events or other social events in my home. Part of this is training, part organization, and part decoy.

  1. Training/ communication
  2. There is a Place for Everything, and Everything in it's Place
  3. Decoys/ I have my very own scissors!
Training/ communication: Start early, start firm. I moved many things into the apartment we shared in the weeks before our wedding. I showed my husband (to be) my good scissors and gave the following lecture: "These are my good fabric scissors. There is no reason for you to ever use them for anything, ever. I love you but if you use these you will replace them with an even better pair. I don't touch your baseball card collection unless invited. That is your hobby stuff, this is mine". This was followed with the decoy set up "These scissors (red handled cheap pair from Walmart) will live in the kitchen, they can be used for anything". It is okay to have boundaries with your Significant Other, it's a healthy sign in a relationship to have and respect these boundaries mutually, but they must be clear. Just because you share a bed doesn't mean the SO inherently knows everything about your hobbies. Sit down when you are both happy and make it explicit.
The children were gradual training. Of course as tiny tots it was "don't touch, these are sharp". When they reached the age of learning to use scissors, they were given their own pairs (decoy plus training). More decoys were added to the house as they grew up. They were given intermediate and then 'grown-up' scissors as they aged, always having their own pairs to use on anything. They were given frequent reminders that mom's scissors were only hers, daddy didn't even touch them. My husband following my training helped train the children well.
Looking back, I realize my parents had the same system. Mom had nice fabric scissors I never touched (until I was old enough to sew on my own),. Dad had cool industrial scissors for crafting, and tin snips, carpet scissors, and an assortment of straight blade tools for other tasks, which I was trained to use as I grew into the capability.
There is a Place for Everything, and Everything in it's Place. I am not a great housekeeper, I'm crafty and cluttered, but I'm organized. Not only do my fabric scissors never leave my sewing area*, all the decoy scissors around the house have homes too. There is much less temptation to rummage through the sewing table looking for scissors when there is a pair in the kitchen drawer, the tool box, the garage and mom's Scout bag. At one point there were two pairs in the kitchen. And I have official kitchen scissors, the kind chefs use to cut up fowl (which are awesome and they can be used on nearly everything).
*In the days when we didn't have the space or money for me to have a dedicated sewing area, I was vigilant about putting away everything when it wasn't out in use. I never put away the machine that I didn't also put away the pins, fabric & scissors. Having feisty cats helped train myself for small children later.
Decoys/ I have my own scissors! I have given each of my family members scissors (often stocking stuffers) unique to them (painting or using washi tape on the handles). As mentioned, I have numerous pairs around my home. Simply by having several pair in accessible places, this reduces rummaging time and slows the temptation to go looking through my sewing stuff. Bonus to making them unique to each family member was it eliminated arguments when E was using L's scissors.
Cost. You may read this and think 'well, she has money to throw around'. No, not really. Most of the scissors in my home came in cheap multipacks from Walmart or a dollar store. They were bought one or two at a time over several years. The kids got scissor at back to school time when school supplies were on sale.

SUCCESS! I knew true success the day I was teaching my youngest to sew (age 12, I think?). We had picked fabric and a pattern days before, gone over the instructions, laid out the fabric & pinned. She walked away and came back with her scissors. I said "no, we are sewing, use these" and I handed her my good scissors. She gasped and said "really?" I just smiled. She was nervous (they are 9" shears, bigger than anything she was used to using). After about three cuts she said "now I understand. These are like magic." She has some better-but-not-as-fancy-as-mine of her own now, exclusively for fabric.
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2021.11.28 11:48 devk12 I come from an India...

I come from an India... I come from an India where I get +21 when I have 8 kills, but when I have 19 kills I only get +18 ;_;
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2021.11.28 11:48 DKPDDPFTPGBHTTPF Gutefrage.net at its best

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2021.11.28 11:48 charli3dontsurf Does anyone know what this is? Lamb's ear by chance?

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